Surprises also happen

February 27, 2023

Sometimes we believe that we have lived through the most demanding thing in our lives, and that after that we will be calm, without major shocks… And suddenly a huge challenge appears, never seen before, and we only have one option: face it!

In the world of Real Estate, surprises also happen. I recently had the opportunity to work for a client who had been working for two years in a market that allowed him to buy his dream property; but suddenly this was declining, and his purchasing power dropped significantly.

The client, thanks to my services, got a property that was like the one he wanted at the beginning, obviously smaller. We were under contract four times, yes, four times! Nothing like this had ever happened to me. At the first opportunity, the contract had to be canceled due to inspection problems, then the problem was with the appraisal, then, one day before closing the negotiation, the bank obtained some clauses in the association documents that did not satisfy them and decided to cancel the contract.

Joanne Goiri

Team K